Week 8 on my Giving Journal


Here’s week 8 on my The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Giving Journal.

Like most planner enthusiasts, I own several planners for different purposes. However, I find myself drawn to vertical layouts. It works for me and the style I prefer which is more into functional planning and documenting. But the horizontal layout of the Giving Journal from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf seems to work well for documenting those little everyday moments.

I do Project Life and I need my memory planners to help me remember specific dates and details. I don’t know about you, but I need to write them somewhere or I will forget those details.

It’s always fun to add some stamping on my planners and journals. Here I used some stamps from LoveCynthia, MommyLhey and some from my own line of clear stamps , Marryl Crafts. I tend to gravitate towards clean and functional layout. Also because I have no time to really be playful with my spreads as I have more things on my mommy-duties to-do list than I have enough space on my planners. So it’s usually just one or two-color schemes for me. Lately, I’ve been seeing some pretty planner stickers and I might give it a try soon.

Clean and functional layouts seem to work for me and my planners are serving their purpose well (for now), haha! That’s probably how I design my clear stamps too. Functional but playful at times. Take the ‘peeking panda box’ for example. This design is part of the new sets releasing soon. I kind of want a cute box for an important reminder, so I took the panda from the Happy Day set, tweaked it a bit and came up with the ‘peeking panda box’ stamp.

LoveCynthia has a lot of positive quotes and they are perfect for journaling and planning. same goes with Mommy Lhey‘s clear stamps with her fun and kawaii designs.

Whatever design style you are drawn to, memory-keeping or planning is always fun. They say gratitude is the memory of the heart. So, write your story and be filled with gratitude in your everyday moments.

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