Stacking Gifts + Paper Flowers

imageIt’s three more days before we celebrate Valentine’s day 2016. I’ve been creating something special for the husband and the little lady. I’ve been procrastinating (as always) but in a good way. I’m not really stressing too much about making it perfect but just really enjoying my time to think of something special to give. I’ve been pretty busy with the mini album and I think that’s probably the best little gift I can give them. Sharing more about that mini in the next post.


Meantime, I bought my gifts for them and thinking of wrapping my gifts using some of my unused wrapping paper. Truth be told, whenever I go to bookstores or stores that have wrapping papers, I kind of buy them when they call to me. Yes. When I see gorgeous patterns, even when there’s no present to wrap, I buy them in a heartbeat. So when I started KonMari-ing the house last year, I found wrapping papers that were more than a year old! I know but I have stopped. I’ve repurposed some of them, tossed half of it, and kept only a handful. This yellow stripes had to stay.

Because yellow!

imageYesterday at National bookstore, I saw lots of gifts being wrapped and there were so many stacked together with this gorgeous white and gold damask wrapping paper and then tied in a golden yellow ribbon. I was so in love with the paper but I had vowed not to buy any unless I ran out of papers. So I went home not buying any. Hooray!

I love the look of stacked gifts as they add a bit of dimension and height vis-a-vis one-layered boxes.

Today, I took out my wrapping papers and this yellow stripes just screams pretty. Nothing red and Valentine’s about it but that’s the whole idea. Find whatever you have at home and repurpose or recycle some lightweight cardstock or even a plain white paper would be perfect!

Sure, adding your usual ribbon or bow always makes a gift look beautiful. But at times it’s too predictable, not to mention, expensive.   Consider using ephemera or even tags, whatever you’ll find in your stash to compliment the color of your wrapping paper.  I took out some embellishments I made like this pretty layered rose and some Project Life cards. Those journaling cards with gold foil accents were just perfect to add a little shine and pop of color.

I also found the oversized paper flower I made a couple of weeks ago. I was about to toss this to the trash as the center/stamen just drove me crazy. The bud was too closed and I had wanted a more open or cabbage rose of some sort. So I took out the bud and added my light pink felt rose. If you look closely, you’ll notice it’s a different material from the paper flower. I think it worked well. Tied the stacked gifts with jute twine and added my handmade paper flower.

What do you guys think?

I hope I’ve inspired you to use your scraps of paper, Project Life cards, paper flowers and other embellishments to make wrapping presents extra special. Show your love to someone you hold dear with something inexpensive but definitely unique and pretty.




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