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Top 5 on my Back-to-School Shopping List

It’s the end of May and that only means it’s back-to-school for the little lady in less than a month. One of the things I look forward to is shopping for school and office supplies. Now that she’s nine year old and loves stationery, we get to shop for school supplies together. So off we went to SM City Cebu.

Apart from the usual pencils and papers, I’ve rounded up these five organization items that should be on your desks this coming school year or for your home office. #MarrylFinds

  1. Pen Cases or Pouches


Not just plain and boring pen cases but pretty ones with fun designs like these. I gravitate towards designs that have muted tones or geometric patterns. But those with colorful and playful designs are too cute to resist says the little lady. We got these pen pouches from SM Stationery Department at SM City Cebu. I love the variety of pouches they have and surprisingly they were very affordable. Some were made of canvas, plastic and fabric so you have plenty of options.


       2. Planners



Whether you use it as your agenda, goal-setting or just to-do lists, everyone needs a planner as part of your organization and planning tools. I enjoy both functional and creative planning. Personally, I don’t think you need very expensive planners if you want to do either kind but I think it always begins with good quality paper. I found these really cute planners at SM Stationery that has beautiful paper, perfect for both creative or functional planning. My little one seems to have caught the planner bug too. She has one of these planners that we bought from SM Stationery Department.

3. Notebooks


One can never have too many notebooks. I found these pretty sturdy spiral notebooks. They have these designs of calligraphy pens on them and I am sold. They even have plastic tabs that will allow you to divide your notebook by sections. The paper quality is great too.

4. Organizer Trays


One of the items from the SM Stationery department that I always look for are these plastic organizer trays. They come in different sizes and colors. What I like about these organizers is that they are transparent and stackable. Perfect to organize both your home and school supplies. As a crafter, these are great for my cube inks, blending tools or stamps. It’s easy for me to find my supplies because I can color-code according to the supplies I have. Here, my daughter organizes her little collection of highlighters, sticky notes and page markers.

5. Travel Bag / Make-up Organizer


Some refer to it as toiletries organizer, others use it for make-up. I found these at SM Stationery in different designs. I thought it was perfect to hold my daughter’s hygiene kit which includes a face towel, extra shirt, underwear, wet wipes, etc. The size is small enough to tuck inside one of her school bag’s pocket. She can just take out the whole bag and put everything back, all in one bag. They come in different fun designs and very affordable too.

Those are my top 5 items on my back-to-school shopping list this school year.

Whether you’re a mom with school-age children or a crafter who needs to replenish your craft supplies (or both), I think it’s imperative that we organize our supplies to (keep our sanity)er,  keep things in order. Any crafter knows that “out of sight, out of mind” cliche just speaks the truth. If you don’t see it, you tend to forget about it.

These organization and planning tools are a must-have for our home office or just to make this coming school year fun for our little ones.

*all items on this list were from SM Stationery Department, Lower Ground Floor at SM City Cebu.

Best Gift Ideas for Travelers from SM Stationery


Are you till stuck on what to get your friend or a family member who loves to travel? Well, I have been going around the city looking for something useful for them.  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite #MarrylFinds from SMStationery recently. The best part? These item are very affordable! They range from P69.00 – P350.00 only (about $1.40 – $7).

Being a crafter and documenter, I’ve always been trying to share my passion for memory-keeping to more Cebuanos through my workshops and social media posts. Documenting your travels is a great way to start with memory-keeping using traveler’s notebooks.


Lately, documenting through traveler’ notebook is getting a lot of attention, what with all the beautiful leather and paper goods available. I have my fair share of leather traveler’s notebook I’ve purchased abroad and mind you, they can get very pricey.


I was over the moon excited to find some really gorgeous traveler’s notebooks at SM City Cebu at their Stationery department that  were fairly of good quality but nothing too pricey like those sold abroad. The staff at the SMStationery were so kind to help me with their selection of these leather goods.


Their Stationery Department had this vast election of traveler’s notebooks at a very affordable price of not over P250.00. That pink one was my favorite from the loot.


With no minimum purchase, you can have your items gift-wrapped for free. I went straight to their gift-wrapping section and had my gifts wrapped at no extra cost. How pretty are these gifts?


Like all experienced travelers, you need tags for your luggage for easy identification. Still at the Stationery Department, I found thee really cute and inexpensive luggage tags which cost only P69-P99 only. I got a couple for future travels. You’ll know when this might come in handy  :)


For those long layovers, headphones are definitely a must-have. I found this stylish but very functional headphones for only P349.75. They also had Christmas gift boxes near these headphones which fit perfectly for my gifts.


Here are some more goodies I found that I fell in love with right away. Because, succulents!


They have gift wrappers and paper bags like this with really whimsical designs that you can also purchase for no-fuss-shove-it-all-in-the-bag gifts.

I hope this helps you to get something stylish yet functional for your globe-trotting friends and family members. Hurry and head on to SM City Cebu or any SM Stationery near you.

I’ll be sharing another #MarrylFinds here and on my Intagram account: marrylcrafts. Please also find me on our facebook groups: MarrylCrafts and ArtsandCraftsCommunityPhilippines.